"Curious little beasty"

Fun fact: Young Aurora was played by Angelina Jolie’s daughter, because she was the only little girl who wasn’t frightened by Angelina in costume.

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Animals Growing Up

Cuz who wouldn’t want this on their dash


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I was fucking hoping this would happen.

Is this real tho omg


Me when I have to drive in the rain…

Me when I have to drive in the rain…

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I miss Friends.

I miss Friends.

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Hilarious Siri Responses

Siri is one sassy bitch

Gallery here

Love Siri

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Zodiac Signs How Others See You


  1. Capricorn:  You’re often seen as an irresistible force and an immovable object. People put you in charge because you’re decisive — you’re famous for having a great sense of realism. When others need a rational head in a crisis, they call on you. In personal relationships, some friends will stand in line to unload their problems on you; others avoid you because they think your outlook is too downbeat. Everyone agrees that it’s difficult to divert you from your course when you’ve set a goal. Some people feel that in order to find the real you they have to strip away layers of secrecy, but most understand that your aloofness stems from a deep sense of personal privacy. 
  2. Aquarius:  You’re often regarded as slightly eccentric — not necessarily strange, but certainly an independent character, a kind of daredevil with an unusual way of looking at things. People consider you a pathfinder, a member of the real avant-garde. They think you have a wicked sense of humor, an ability to shock and amuse at the same time. They know you’re open to new ideas, especially when these ideas are yours. People are drawn to your friendliness and enthusiasm, but they withdraw quickly when you turn acid-tongued. Sometimes, because you need so much personal freedom, you give the impression of being uncaring or distant. Those around you may also become annoyed at your stubbornness. 

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